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You can email Paula with a query or to book a taster or full appointment on:
Tel Telephone logo 07962 886 356
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13BF Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh, EG9 1RY, , 66 Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh, EH9 1ST Tel. 07962 886 356, Edinburgh EH1, Edinburgh EH3, Edinburgh EH4, Edinburgh EH5, Edinburgh EH6, Edinburgh EH7, Edinburgh EH8, Edinburgh EH9, Edinburgh EH10, Edinburgh EH11, Edinburgh EH12, Edinburgh EH13, Edinburgh EH14, Edinburgh EH15, Edinburgh EH16, Edinburgh EH17, Edinburgh EH18, Edinburgh EH19, Edinburgh EH20, Edinburgh EH21, Edinburgh EH22, Edinburgh EH23, Edinburgh EH24, Edinburgh EH25, Edinburgh EH26, Edinburgh EH27, Edinburgh EH28, Edinburgh EH99

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